San Diego (part 1)

Hi, guys! We’re finally back from one more trip, probably the last one this Summer. We were in San Diego, CA, visiting some family. We love going there and in my heart sometimes, I want to move over there. Maybe one day? Anyway, this trip we got a chance to celebrate Dylan’s second birthday one more time with his grandparents, he got some presents, ate cake, ice cream and everything else this little boy deserves. He algo got to go for the first time to In and Out Burger. Yay! I’m a big fan of this place, even more than Shake Shack or any other burger place, so of course D had to try. And also, it’s so cheap that makes me not want to pay for Shake Shack anymore. Anyway, of course Dylan loved it. We did take him to the Zoo as well, but the pictures of the zoo will be up on another post.

As I always say, traveling with kids is a challenge, but I guess we get better each trip. This last trip I didn’t pack a bunch of toys and things to entertain him on the place, I wanted to go light. So I had the iPad (lifesaver!!) and a few of the Melissa and Doug reusable stickers. These stickers works perfect at windows, so we used on the plane and then again at grandma’s house. It was great! Didn’t need anything else for the plane ride. Oh, of course, lots of yummy snacks too.

One last thing, I had a few people asking me about the safety harness I showed on my Instagram. We got this safety travel harness here and have been using since D was 14 months old. We don’t own a carseat and, since he turned one year old we get him a seat on the place. We go on long flights and it’s just more comfortable for everyone. This travel harness is approved by the FAA and its amazing. I highly recommend if you’re traveling with your toddler, much safer.

Ok, so here are some pics if you’d like to see. Xoxo

I confess that one of my favorite things in SD is this fresh crab sandwich.  Dylan didn’t like, but at least I didn’t have share, haha. 


He is not really napping a lot lately, but there he passed out on his naps every single day!


Mmmmmm taste of heaven


“no cheese” moment, literally. 


Margaritas for mama, of course. 




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