San Diego (part2)

As I said, I have tons of pictures of the San Diego Zoo! Every time we go to San Diego we go to that amazing Zoo. It’s huge, but we never spend the whole day there. Specially with kids, it’s a hard thing to do. Dylan was napping like a pro in San Diego, so I wanted to make sure this would keep happening. Not sure if you guys know, but naps have been rare over there and this mama is still trying to deal with that, haha. Without his nap I’m rearranging our whole day now. It’s a whole new world.

When we went to the Zoo we made sure to get there as soon as they open, 9am. It’s the best time!! We walked around, saw the animals we wanted to see and around 11ish we had an early and delicious lunch! After that, we walked the way to the petting Zoo. Dylan loves animals and, even though they just have goats at the petting zoo, he loved it. When we were leaving, we made a quick stop at the Choo Choo Train, it’s a cute ride but Dylan was tired already. Two minutes in the car and he passed out!

It was so much fun and here are some pictures:


Lunch at Albert’s… the best restaurant inside the Zoo.


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