Weekend and (no) naps

We had a fun weekend and, as promised, I’ll post some pictures here. Dylan’s nap now it’s a hit or miss. Today as I write this post (Tuesday,) he is taking a nap, but he hasn’t napped the whole past week though. It’s hard, guys! Hard! I’m used to D taking a nice nap after lunch, so I can try to relax and do something for myself. Now I’m trying to figure it out our whole new schedule and I kinda don’t know what to do.

There is a good part though… he has been sleeping a tiny bit more in the morning and going to be bed a little bit earlier, too. So I guess I’ll take that. I’ll try to look on the bright side of things. I’m also trying to give him a quiet time too after lunch time. I try to put him in his crib, like he was going to his nap, for about an hour and he stays just fine. He sings, plays with his stuffed animals, “read” books and pretend I relax! Haha. Have you gone through this phase? What did you do? It’s a whole new world!!

Anyway, this past weekend he didn’t nap, of course. We tried, but it just didn’t happen. We went out for lunch, took him to the playground.. all the regular things we do on weekends. It was really fun! We tried this new (for us) playground at the Washington Square Park, that is for older kids, and Dylan loved it. We ended up going there on Saturday and Sunday again. I think next year that will be his favorite place to play and climb like a little monkey.

Saturday night I have a little dinner to go with some girls to celebrate a friend who is getting married. That was fun. We can’t forgot how much fun is to go out with girlfriends sometimes. Even though I knew only the bride-to-be there, I manage to make friends with all the other girls there… that’s my Brazilian side, haha.

Here are some photos… Xo


We went to this restaurant called Tartinery, in Nolita, and it’s pretty amazing! 


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