“I ove you, Mama”

Dylan has been talking for awhile now. He doesn’t talk sentences clearly and a bunch of words are still hard to understand. Sometimes he babbles a lot and comes to us waiting for a reaction and it’s super cute. Because I stay home with him I understand a lot of he says and, as my husband jokes sometimes that I’m the “Mr. D translator.” Some things though, everyone can understand. He knows what he wants and he will make you understand if he needs.

As I showed on Instagram stories before, he can say the whole alphabet and it’s not memorized. He can tell apart lower cases and upper cases and can recognize any letter. He knows this since he was 18 months. Although he is pretty good, when putting into words some letters just doesn’t come out right just yet. And it’s all fine, he need to take his time. He is being raised bilingual and I can see that this can confuse his little head too. We’re not in a rush and he is doing just fine.

Dylan is a sweet, sweet boy and he repeats everything we say and will not forget. Some things he doesn’t understand what it means and will still repeat, like kids do. The phrase “I love you” was one of those… he has been repeating sometimes when I say it to him and I was pretty sure to him it didn’t really mean anything. It’s hard to explain what it means to a two year old, so I never did but always said.

The other day we were playing on the sofa and laughing, and being silly. Then D stopped playing and came to me with a big hug and just said “I ove you, mama.” I cannot explain how that feels! My heart exploded in a way it never did before. It was so pure and I knew he understood what it means, and he meant what he said. It’s something I’ll remember forever and will feel forever. It’s something, and I’m sorry to say this to those who aren’t moms, that maybe only a mom can feel.

I ove you too, my D. Forever and ever!!



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