Weekend and a thought

Good morning! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty normal here with a few things happening. As you all know, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been here for a little over 11 years now. Since I came to US I’ve lost a few family members in Brazil and could not be there. It’s always hard to lose someone, it’s always hard be far away, and I have to say that is always so weird. I think that’s word I’ve been using the whole weekend because I cannot find another one. Weird.

This last weekend I lost my Godmother. My Godmother has been always a big part of my life and was always like a mom to me. I loved her and always will. She was very sick for the past year and fighting with all she could. She really did. But the cancer was too strong, took over her body too quickly, and she couldn’t bare anymore. She is resting now and in a much better place than we are, I’m sure. It makes me happy that met Dylan! She was there for his baptism and we went to visit her in May.

Everyone is going to miss her a lot, but I’m not there! I didn’t see it happening and wasn’t part of it. That’s why the grieving is weird and I have to say that is much easier. I was sad this weekend, but kept doing the things I always did, the things I had to do, nothing really change besides being sad. And, of course, being around Dylan is the best and makes any sadness go away in seconds. I love him and I knew she loved him too.

Anyway, yesterday we kinda decided to shake it off and spent most of the day outside. It was gorgeous! Actually, this whole week is suppose to have a beginning of Autumn feeling and I’m super excited. We went out to lunch and ate some Mexican food, after we strolled around Meatpacking District and ended up going to the Whitney Museum. We’re always around and never really go in. It’s pretty cool. Some exhibitions are really worth and the views you get from the city are breathtaking. Dylan likes to run around, of course, so we did the whole museum in about one hour… it was “nap” time too, so he was tired (of course he did not take a nap after.)

Here are some photos from the iPhone if would like to see:


Oh, Dylan… always hard to take photos with you, but it always turns out the best and funniest photos. 


He didn’t want to to leave and I can see why. 


Some West Village love. 


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