Goodbye, Summer

I know, I know, Summer is technically not over yet, but I just feel like it ended. Labor Day has that Sunday feeling to me and now I’m ready to enjoy Fall, wear boots, trench coats, and see leave’s color changing and falling. I was never a Summer person, but this last Summer has just been THE BEST. Maybe because it wasn’t extremely hot and Dylan is in at this fun age to be outside, explore, do things all day.

I’m pretty sure Autumn will be just as fun. Dylan will start school this week and we’re very excited about it. It will be only two days a week for now, and it’s enough. The other days we have activities in the morning, but left every afternoon open this semester. No class and we’ll play by ear every week. I see so many parents going crazy trying to fill their kids schedule so they won’t have any free time, and I think free time is important! I think down time is important, the same way activities are too. We need balance and we need to teach them that. We need to challenge them, but we need to let them play with imagination and deal with being “bored.”

Another reason I wanted afternoons open this Fall is because D is still transitioning to no nap like and, even though he is doing fine, he is more tired during the afternoon. So I didn’t want to force him into classes and things like that. So, as said, we’ll have afternoons open to do whatever we want to or do nothing! I’m looking forward to this semester, I’m looking forward to Autumn.

Summer, you were the best this year and I cannot get over how good you were to us. The sun didn’t burn like crazy (maybe just a tiny bit,) we spent the whole day outside, we had beautiful travels in and outside the country, and we just enjoyed everything too much. Thank you!



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