Let them be creative

When it come to toys, I have always liked the ones that allows my son to be creative, that challenges him, that it’s interesting, and somehow allows his to learn through playing. We don’t have tons of toys at home, but the ones we have we like to make sure it’s something good and that gets played for a long time. Like magnetic blocks, for example.

We’ve had a few playdates lately where I gave the kids some Picasso Tiles to play. Some we helped them built and others we just let them be creative. I have been a fan of magnetic tiles since forever (or since I discovered it when I move to the US 11 years ago). Every single kid I met and worked with, loves these tiles and can get enough of it. So I was waiting Dylan to turn two years old so I could get him some.

Let me say that when I got pregnant I had a list of things I wanted to buy and this was on the list, haha. But since I always try to control myself, I didn’t buy the tiles for a baby, even though I was tempted haha. This is one of the toys that I actually love sitting with him and playing for a long time.  My husband, too. It became one of his favorite toys, hahaha. It’s the type of blocks that let you imagine, create, built, and do whatever you want.

When I started talking to Picasso Tiles and they offer to send us a few boxes so we could play and share on a few playdates, I confess it didn’t take long for me to say yes, haha. Here are pics of the kids playing with this fun tiles! Thank you, Picasso Tiles, for providing the blocks and so much fun for the kiddos.


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