Beautiful Toddler Bedding

As many of you saw on my Instagram feed, Dylan is now on a toddler bed. Well, it’s crib that convertes to a bed. I’ll tell why I decided to do this and how is his room later, but I wanted to share now a few cute beddings I found for toddlers.

It’s not every brand that makes duvet covers and duvet inserts for toddlers. The brands usually go straight for twin/full sizes when it comes to duvets, and they make only quilts for toddler size. I love quilts, but I wanted a duvet for Dylan’s bed. I think it’s cozier and now with winter approaching and his room being a bit cold, I hope it was the right move.

After doing a lot of research I found three brands that make the duvet cover for toddler bed: Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids, and Ferm Kids. Ferm has been on of my favorites since always, so I was happy to learn they make that even though it’s not easy to find in the US. Land of Nod the options weren’t great… But they make amazing quilts (I can show on another post), and PBKids was cute and classic. Also, the last two brands sells the insert for duvet or you can buy on Amazon, Ikea.

There are some other brands on Amazon, but I don’t really know those and didn’t like any. I wanted something we like and it goes with his room too. I’ll show to you guys his room and what I bought once o receive everything, because I ordered it online. But here a few of my favorite duvet covers for this type of room:




Land of Nod






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