Pumpkin picking NYC style

I cannot believe it’s Autumn and it’s this hot still. But as friend of mine said, we shouldn’t complain and just enjoy each day with the weather the way it is. Anyway, since it’s Fall, pumpkins are everywhere and I love it. I don’t really care about the temperature, I just love seeing orange everywhere, leafs changing colors, and even some Halloween decorations out already!

I have been talking and showing pumpkins to Dylan for a few weeks already and he loves it. So last Friday we went pumpkin picking NYC style… at a Deli, haha. We don’t have pumpkin farms here and I have to confess that I’m super lazy to get on a subway, then a train, then figure it out how to get to the farm from the train station (and do all of this on the way back) just to go to a farm. So we do our own way, I guess. And it was fun!

We walked to the deli and I let Dylan pick some pumpkins! Gosh, this guys was happy. We only picked little ones though, because we don’t have a lot of space… and I have a feeling we’ll be doing this more this Fall.

Here are some photos if you’d like to see. Xx

IMG_7769IMG_7771IMG_7772IMG_7773IMG_7775IMG_7777 (1)IMG_7778IMG_7780IMG_7781IMG_7782IMG_7783IMG_7784IMG_7785IMG_7786IMG_7787IMG_7788IMG_7789IMG_7791IMG_7794

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