Hi, guys! I’ve been a little quiet over here and the reason is because we had so much going on lately, I was barely sitting down to be on my computer. And to write on the blog, I cannot do it from my phone. Anyway, everything is fine just a lot going on. Our building is under renovation and this past week we had our bedrooms windows changed. Because of that, we had to remove everything from Dylan’s bedroom and from our bedroom to the living room.. it was a mess, but worth it! Changing windows seems something silly, but I’m so happy! It’s so pretty now. 🙂

Dylan’s nap has been on and off lately, too. So we’re just figuring everything out and playing by ear right now. He has been passing out on the stroller at lunch time, usually when we’re coming back home from school, soccer or swimming. And it’s fine, he is actually in a much better mood when he sleeps. So one day at the time.

Last weekend we went to a little fall festival at the playground and it was the best! I wish we could go to fall festivals every weekend. I’m very excited for this weekend though because we have a Halloween Parede at the playground and I cannot wait, even though Dylan doesn’t want to wear his costume haha. I think once he figures out he gets candy, he will basically wear anything! Oh well…

So here are some photos from this past week if you’d like to see. I promise I’ll share more things here on the blog. Xx

Love it! 


Some coloring at home


This face kills me! I think this is one of my favorite pictures ever. 


Guess who is having fun doing arts & crafts? 


A little dance party before bed time




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