Earlier Halloween at the Playground

Halloween has officially started and we like it! I think Dylan got the ideia… you go to a store, say hi, the lady gives you a candy, you put inside your basket, and says thank you. It doesn’t get any better than that! Yesterday we went to a little (but lots of people) kids parede at the Bleecker playground on West Village. We had gone last year and D enjoyed even though he was too little. This year I think he had a blast. He noticed people’s costumes, recognize some, and knew that a party was going on at the playground.

After that, they had a Trick or Treat at the stores around, and that’s when magic happened for Dylan. Let me tell you, he was so tired! Didn’t have a nap and was up since 5am, but after the first store we went in and he got something he didn’t even know what it was, he wanted to go inside every single store. I have to admit that I was loving it! It’s heart melting seeing your kid, for the first time, discovering the magic of Halloween! It’s heart warming too seeing him going inside to every store and saying “hi” and “thank you” to everyone. I’m just happy that my husband and I were there to see him enjoying for real his first trick or treating!

The Bleecker St. park has this Halloween party/fundraising every year one week before the oficial Halloween! It’s worth going and I hope we can go many more years. We cannot wait for some more Halloween the next week! Here are some pictures from yesterday if you’d like to see.


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