Halloween without trick or treat

So, yesterday we didn’t get to go trick or treating as we were expecting. Dylan woke up in the morning happy after a great night of sleep, and as soon as he got out of his room I noticed he wasn’t walking “right” and was kinda limping. He walked to the living room and did everything like he always does, but limping here and there. I couldn’t tell first if it was the right or left foot. I made him walk around the house, made a video to send to my husband, and just knew something wasn’t right. The fact he wasn’t complaining about pain was bothering me and a lot of weird things were going through my mind.

So I decided to call to his doctor and take him in. I’m so happy to have a doctor’s office that is walking distance from our house! We got there and as much nothing was apparently hurting him, leg wasn’t swollen, red or anything, he was limping and the doctor sent me to see an orthopedist and have an x-ray done. So we went straight from the doctor’s office and, by that point, I already knew what was wrong with D; Toddler fracture.

After seeing the other doctor and getting the x-ray done (that was not fun, Dylan had a huge fit to do the x-ray) it was confirmed. Apparently, toddler fracture is something very, very common at this age and is not serious. Still, he needs to wear the boots for about three weeks. The doctor calls “crazy boy fracture” and she said she basically sees this every day in her office. He was not in pain, but the right leg was bothering him.

Here is a better explanation: “Toddler’s fractures or childhood accidental spiral tibial (CAST)fractures are bone fractures of the distal (lower) part of the shin bone (tibia) in toddlers (aged 9 months-3 years) and other young children (less than 8 years).” 

How he got hurt? To tell you the truth I have no idea. That’s right, I don’t know. He was playing last night jumping around and also throwing himself on the floor before going to bed because he didn’t want to go. So I’m guessing was that. He went to sleep quickly because he was super tired, slept all night really well, and woke up limping. So if I have to guess this happened sometime between playing and having a meltdown before bedtime.

Anyway, now the countdown for the three weeks begins. I’m so glad this is the only thing that happened and anything could be worse, especially giving the events yesterday in NYC, so close to our home. We were going to go trick or treat anyway around here, I was planning on having D on his stroller and walk around… but after watching the news, being super tired, Dylan was extremely tired too, we decided to stay home.

My heart breaks for the ones who lost their lives and their families yesterday. This has got to stop! But the only think I can do right now is pray… and be so thankful that my baby is healthy and safe here with me.



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