Gingerbread Turkey Decoration

So, we have basically two more week of Dylan using his boots and we’ve been kind of stuck inside our home some days lately of a renovation and someone has to be here. Renovations are wonderful when it’s over, right? It’s like we forget everything bad about it, we forget all the mess once it’s done and hopefully beautiful, haha. The good thing is that it’s almost over now.

Dylan is doing fine, he doesn’t care at all about his cast anymore, he runs around, jumps, and just do everything he has to do. I am, on the other hand, trying to be careful and not letting him getting hurt again. I do not want a kid with two legs broken! Luckily, his doctor said he could go to swim class, so we went this morning and he was pretty excited. It was really cute and he was a little upset to put his boots back on after we got off the pool.

I’ve been trying to find a few different things to do now that is holiday season and we’re “stuck” home. I’m not super crafty, but we go this gingerbread turkey kit from Trader Joe’s and decided to decorate today. What a mess! But a fun mess. Dylan, of course, wanted to eat all the candy and the turkey, but I had to convince him to help me decorate first so he could eat.

It was a fun little thing to do this cold afternoon and we’ll do many more. Have you done things like this with a two-year-old kid? How did turn out? Here are some pictures of our turkey décor if you’d like to see. This kit is from Trader Joe’s and very inexpensive… so you don’t feel bad throwing in the trash after (I saved ours though because my husband wants to try.)


Hmmmm can I eat it?


Ok, Dylan, you can eat now!



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