Bike Giveaway

Dylan, hopefully, will have his boot/cast out by tomorrow. To tell you the truth, I cannot wait. He cannot wait. My husband cannot wait. Everyone cannot wait. Dylan is trooper and has been trying to act his best, play the most as he can, but it’s just not the same. There are many things he can’t really do. We had to stop with his soccer lessons. He can’t really jump. He can’t go to the playground. He can really run like he is used to. And he can’t ride his bike.


He has been asking to do all these things and he has been asking ride his bicycle, so I’m letting him do it a little bit around house. I know there are many things worse in life. I totally get that. But when you see your son not being able to do the things he is used to do, it breaks your heart and you want to do everything so they can feel better. Needless to say, Dylan also got a little bit spoiled these past few weeks. But that’s fineeeeee… we’ll fix it later, haha.

Since it’s holiday season and Dylan LOVES his bike, I partnered with Woom Bikes to giveaway on Instagram one really cool bike to one lucky winner. The winner will be able to choose between the 1, 2 or 3 bike. Dylan has the number 1, which is the balance bike. The 2 and 3 is with pedals for kids a little bit older. The balance bike is amazing for toddler to give them the security they need, the balance, the confidence, and the motor skills to ride the other bikes later.

Anyway, if you’re feeling you should win a brand new bike for your little one, go to my Instagram right now! The giveaway runs until Wednesday, 5pm EST. Good luck!!



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