The Rescue of Santa

I love this time of the year! I love all the activities, decorations, food involved this time of the year too. It’s so much fun. It’s cold out and we like it, and it’s so warm inside. I wish Christmas time would last at least two months… but then I don’t know if we’d get tired of it. Anyway, this is perfect.

Yesterday we went to see the Rescue of Santa Claus at the Fire Department Museum of New York. The museum is a couple blocks from our apartment so we had no excuse not to go. We went last year as well and it’s a pretty cute event. Santa shows up at the top of the building, the firemen come and rescue him with the big ladder truck. Santa and Christmas are saved! After that they have a little party and photos with Santa inside the museum.

Everyone watches it from the street. Dylan enjoyed, he was calling Santa (he says Papai Noel) until he got close to the guy. He did not want to be close to him, haha. Poor D! We tried to take a photo and didn’t work out too well. So he didn’t even bother going inside the museum to stand in line and take pictures again. I really didn’t want to deal with and I’m sure would have cried again. So we just did the outside thing and it was pretty fun.

Here are some photos if you’d like to see. I also posted a bunch of things on my stories on Instagram. Xx


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