Gift ideas for toddlers

I was chatting with some friends, who all have kids (mostly boys) between 2 – 4 years old and we’re talking about Christmas/Hanukkah/ Birthday presents for kids around this age. Believe or not, we’re all celebrating one or more of those things this month of December. I have a friend celebrating this three things on a period of two weeks basically.

So I made a little list of toys with some of our favorite ideas for this age and thought I would share here. I’m also putting together the list of books and will share by the end of this week, because books is always part of our lists. 🙂

1 – LEGO DUPLOS – this is a nice transition toy from Mega Blocks to Legos if your kid is two years old or so. We actually got rid of your mega blocks and just have the Duplos now. Here are some sets we love. The airplane set is not from Lego, but is compatible. The link for those toys are here, here, and here.


2 – HAPE Bench Tool and the cute Handyman Robot. The two sets are sold separately, but they also can be used together. I’m obsessed with both and everything from Hape. You can find it here and here. Watch out for this bench tool because it always goes on sale, I actually got a 40% off sale on Amazon last week.


3 – A Rocket Ship, of course. I’m trying was this one for awhile now and finally found it here. The price keeps changing all the time and they keep selling out, so I just bought it. It makes the blast off noises and it comes with two astronauts, a robot, two aliens, and a car.


4 – I found this puzzle Globe for D and I cannot wait to give it to him. It’s a nice way to introduce to a kit the continents and start learning some geography. You can find it here.


5 – Fire Station from Green Toys. Dylan has one and is playing with it more and more. It’s cute and perfect for little hands. Amazon has a great price right now.


6 – Pizza Set from Hape and cupcake set from Melissa and Doug here. Since D started going to school, he is very into baking some specifics foods like pizza and cupcakes (we have to sing happy birthday too haha)



7 – I love this magnets pretend play for kids! They have so many cute styles.


8 – CUBEOT – This is such a simple and fun toy. We actually got a big one for D and I think he will love it. It’s just something you want to play for a long time and it’s nice for the little minds of our toddlers to try to figure it out. Here is the link.


9 – Picasso Tiles – this one we have we’re fan of it. We love building and D love knocking it down.


10 – And finally, BRIO Trains. We love BRIO and have tons of it. I’d would start with this set if your kid is around two and then slowly adding more to it. It’s so fun.



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