Books for toddlers

Do you usually put books on your kids Christmas list? We do and we love it. As I said on the post before, we have toys too, but books it’s always something really nice. So I made a little list here with some of our favorites and some that are on our list. I’d love to know which book your kid is into right now and maybe I’ll add to my list! There are SO many books for toddlers.

1 – SAM the most scaredy-cat kids in the whole WORLD. This is the next chapter of Leonardo, The Terrible Monster, which is one of our favorite books ever. So I’m really looking forward to reading this story. It just came out and we bought it here.


2 – Waiting Is Not Easy! Because is not, and it’s hard to teach toddlers. And it’s on sale here now, so don’t wait.


3 – The other day we were at the bookstore and Dylan had the biggest meltdown ever because he wanted this book. We’re getting for Christmas. It sells out quick this particular one, so I bought it as soon as I saw it available here.


4 – The Gruffalo is one of my favorites. It’s also from the same creators of Room on the Broom, which is the cutest story EVER.


5 – How To Catch a Monster – my friend recommended this one and we’re getting it.


6 – HELP! My Monsters are on the loose! Dylan loves this type of silly books.


7 – Dragons Love Tacos – you see our theme is basically dragons, monsters and things like that, right?


8 – The Day the Crayons Quit – a classic!


9 – Beautiful OOPS! we’re getting this one too and I think D will love it.



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