Christmas cards

I have to confess that I always get too lazy to make Christmas cards, especially because I like to write on it and not send just the card. I like a card to be personal, even if is just a little note. This year though, I tried to make something simple because we had to give something to Dylan’s teachers and a bunch of other people. I choose from Snapfish because I already had an account there and they are usually pretty quick on sending the cards to us. Also, since I got a new camera I’ve been taking some cool photos here and there. 🙂

On a personal note, I’m not sending cards to everyone we know. I’m just not being good at that this year (or the year before where we didn’t send cards at all!) So if you are my friend and didn’t get a card, I still love you! We’re sending the cards, as I said, to teachers, people that help us here and there, and grandparents. I think it will be it. I just didn’t get organized to that level yet to send to everyone. Maybe next year… small steps.

Anyway, here is how our card turned out and I love it so much. Now I kinda wish I had made more to send to everyone! 🙂

Do you make personalized cards? I’d love to know and see it. Xx




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