My 35th Birthday

Hi everyone! This past week we did not had a lot going on… it was so cold we could barely make out of the house. On Thursday, was my 35th birthday and as a birthday present we got snowed in, literally! This weird phenomenon was called the “bomb cyclone” and I confess I wasn’t putting any money in it. I was complaining schools were going to be closed the day before, everything wasn’t going to open, and I thought everyone was just freaking out a little too much. Well, I was wrong!!!

It was a little shit show outside. So much wind and snow. I have never seen like that! I actually didn’t even cancel my Pilates that morning because I thought I could make to the gym (walking about four blocks) with Dylan. Thanks goodness my instructor cancelled last minute, because I wasn’t going to make it! I attempted to go out to our front door with Dylan because he was asking to make snowballs. That didn’t last 2 minutes, haha. He did wanted to stay out though, but I couldn’t handle the awful wind blowing in our faces. The good part of all this is that my sweet and awesome husband managed to get the amazing brigadeiro cake delivered to me that afternoon! After all, it was my birthday and he knows how much I love cake from Brigadeiro Bakery. It was perfect!

Yesterday, NYC was back to normal even though the weather is extremely cold. Schools were open (yay) and everything seems to be working. I love this city and I won’t complain about all the snow pilled up everywhere. 🙂

I’m so thankful to spend another year with the people I love, eating brigadeiro cake and drinking wine. Xx  (my sweet husband is not in the picture because he is taking the pictures)


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