Christmas and travels

As you guys know, we went to San Diego to see family over the Winter break. It was so nice to be there, celebrate Christmas with Dylan’s grandparents, and enjoy some warm and sunny weather. We love going to San Diego and try o make it over there couple times a year. Now that Dylan is getting a bit older, we definitely look for more things for him to do. We LOVE the San Diego Zoo and made sure to go again this time. He loved it. We thought about going to Disney, but Christmas break is extremely crowded and we wanted to stay overnight there… I’m actually glad we didn’t go this time because, besides being crowded the day we we were planing on going, Disney had power outage and it was a crazy mess. We thought about Legoland too, but apparently there is not a lot do to for Dylan’s age. We might wait one or two years…

Anyway, here are some pics if you’d like to see. I hope you had a great winter break. Xx

Shake Shack at the airport is a must have! We love it.
Also, I don’t want to brag, but this little guy did great flying both ways. We’ll see how next flight is going to be… we never know and celebrate one thing at time!
Gigantic margaritas when I get to San Diego!
Also, gigantic naps… something he doesn’t do anymore here!
My in laws have the most amazing Christmas tree and ornaments! It’s my tree goal one day…


Need my wine!


He opened a couple presents before Christmas… Oops!


At church we had to hang out outside because D wouldn’t stay quiet… at least we go some pictures!


Some Zoo pics:


We went to the carousel at the Zoo… and you can tell by this pic how much we both loved it.
Old Town San Diego is the perfect place to run around (and have the best Mexican food)


We took a photo at this same rock when I was pregnant with D. It was nice to come back… but D didn’t collaborate much, haha.


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