American Museum of Natural History

We’ve been a few times to the American Museum of Natural History since December and I have to say that is one of my favorite places to go with Dylan.  I didn’t take him before because I thought it wasn’t too worth the hike all the way there, but now I don’t mind at at all take the subway (we live downtown and the museum is uptown) to spend a few hours walking around that amazing museum. Dylan loves it! It’s the perfect place to go with kids of any age, including toddlers. He loves seeing the animals, the dinosaurs, and the planets. I would say that those three things are his favorite things for now, so when we go we just wonder around those floors and have fun. Also, if you’re planning on going the best thing is to arrive as soon as they open, at 10am. We usually get there at this time and it’s great beat the crowd and schools that go during the week.  They have restaurantes inside, a shake shack couple blocks away or you can pack lunch/snacks and eat there.

I know the American Museum of Natural History is like a must go for all the tourists and people that live here, so I just wanted to affirm that one more time if you’re having any doubts… Specially for those who have toddlers and always wondering if you should or shouldn’t go to a place – like me haha. Trust me, this is the place to go. Here are some fun pics if you’d like to see. Xx

If you’re wondering which stop on the Subway… just get the C or B and stop at the 81st St. 


He was obsessed with the penguins 


Perfect place for a playdate too! 




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