Be gentle, mama!

When we become mothers and fathers I feel like the thing that we never do is to be gentle to ourselves. It’s totally the opposite; we’re so hard on ourselves every single day. To the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. I see this in my own home, I see this with my best friends, I see this with moms I just know around, I see this with all the mamas on social media, I see this everywhere. Most of the parents I know are working so damn hard to give their best and, they (including me) don’t feel is the best.

Is my kid eating enough healthy food? Is my eating too much junk? Is my kid watching too much TV? Does my kid know enough for his age? Does he/she know enough words? Is my kid normal (trust me, everyone asked that a few times)? Is my kid happy? Does she/he needs to eat more? Less? Am I doing a good job? Am I a good mom? Am I teaching he/she enough? Am I spending quality time with my kid? Am I crazy? Am I going to go crazy? Am I going to survive? Is my kid going to survive?


If you asked any of those things, the answer is probably YES. And you know what? It’s OK! Parenthood is like this and we need to learn it’s ok. Some days we rock and some days we suck. Some days our kids eat too much junk and the next they eat are super healthy. Some days they have a little bit of more screen than usual and some days they don’t have it at all. And you know what, its OK! It’s OK! It’s OK! I can guarantee (and I’m saying that to myself too) that if your kid have cookie for dinner one day, everyone is going to survive and it will be just fine.

We need to cut ourselves some slack and don’t be so hard on ourselves every single day. We need to enjoy parenthood and not just feel guilty for doing or not doing this or that.  We do not want to look back when our kids are older out and about, and see this time of our lives with so much stress and struggle that we brought on ourselves. Kids are, in general, stressful already and we don’t want to add more on that. We shouldn’t. So that’s it, mama… be gentle on yourself today! Be gentle! It’s OK. 🙂


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