National Geographic Encounter with a toddler

I few weeks ago I went with Dylan to the National Geographic Encounter here in NYC. This exhibition was suppose to be amazing and was dying to see. I also always like to share on the blog things we do with toddlers and what is worth it. Well, this is amazing but let me tell you, not with a toddler! I’d say is perfect for kids, but kids at least that is 5 years old.

The Encounter experience is something like I’ve never seen. Everything is 3D and is narrated like mini National Geographic documentaries. It’s like you are in deep sea seeing the most intriguing creatures. Truly beautiful if you can experience without a toddler, haha.

I tried to listen and Dylan didn’t let me. First, he got super scared of the first few rooms, where it was dark. I can see kids being a little scared at first and I really didn’t know it was like that. If I knew I wouldn’t have bothered taking him. When we were half way through he got a little bit more comfortable, stopped screaming “go home,” and started running around. We encounter some big 3D screens with seals that move the way we move. It’s really cool and it was the only part Dylan liked… Oops.

Overall, the National Geographic Encounter is pretty amazing, but not for little kids. If your kid is a little bit older and interested about learning more about the deep sea, this place is perfect, because they will learn without any effort. Here is more info if you’d like to know and below some pics.



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