Rain, rain, go away

The past couple days the weather was AMAZING. I guess I didn’t realize how much I like summer until I had a kid. Before having Dylan I didn’t just like winter, but I really enjoyed the cold days. I hated summer, being sweaty, being outside, or anything related to that. Then Dylan came… and we live in a small apartment in the city, close to many amazing playgrounds, and he is also a very active boy! So yes, I cannot wait for summer again.

Last summer we had blast spending our days outside playing with friends, playing in the sprinkles in the city, walking around, being sweaty and gross. We just had so much fun! Then winter came and it has been brutal! So much rain and cold. I hate it! I actually don’t mind the snow that much, but we get one decent snow and then everything freezes, then it rains, then it’s a f*$% mess. This is NYC and still love it, but I’m also dreaming of some good weather.

Anyway, as I said, the past couple days we had a taste of spring with temperatures going up to 70F. Needless to day, we were outside a lot! On Tuesday we left early to see this amazing art installation at the Lincoln Center, so it was still a little cold when we got there. But as soon as we left we needed to take out jackets off, yay.  The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday was all outside! We couldn’t get enough…and today the temperature is already back to “normal” cold again with rain. Oh well… we always do our best anyway.

Btw, this art installation was made out of balloons and unfortunately is basic done now, otherwise I’d give more details. When we were there on Tuesday everything was kinda deflated already and, even though the installation is suppose to last until the 25th, the guy who works there said it wouldn’t. I’m sad I found out about so late, but glad we made it.  Here are some pics of the past couple days.



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