What should I do?


If you know me and we talk on daily basis, you know I’m don’t like the pool and I don’t like swimming classes. Yep, I said it! I’ve been doing swimming lessons with Dylan since he was 18 months, so it has been over a year that I get into the pool every week with him. I know it sounds complaining about nothing, but this is a big commitment I made and I know I can’t really give up now. I can, but I don’t want to.

For the first three months or so I really couldn’t give up because Dylan was terrified by the pool and I was (still am) basically the only person he would trust. I wanted him to be comfortable in the water and, of course, learn how to swim. Suddenly, this just happened. He started loving, swimming, doing everything so well, enjoying so much, so then I really couldn’t give up. So we stayed. How could I stop? Lately, our class grew and more swimmers joined us. Not sure how, but for the past three or four classes Dylan hasn’t been enjoying that much and wants only hang on my neck, screaming a bit.


My guess is – he is super comfortable with me and nobody else inside the pool and having a bunch of people around makes him nervous.  I don’t want to stop with swim lessons because I want him to learn, specially for safety, to be in the water. I really don’t want him to be like me!!! The good news is that his teacher said that in two or three months he will be able to move classes and go in the pool without me. I like the sound of that a lot. I personally think he would do better without me, but I know he will freak the first few classes too. I don’t want to pull him out of the water because I don’t want him to hate the water. What do I do? Keeping him in the class is a good thing? Have you ever been in a situation like this? I’d love to hear your thoughts… Xx


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