Easter weekend

How was your Easter? No matter what you believe and your religion, I do hope you had a weekend filled with love and chocolate! We’re Catholics, so this weekend is the most important time for us. While I didn’t go to the church every day starting on Thursday (I went Friday and yesterday,) I know this weekend means a lot. With kids, we try our best to go to church every week, but I confess sometimes is hard. Last weekend on Palm Sunday, Dylan was fine during mass. Good Friday I went by myself, and on Easter Sunday Dylan wasn’t having it.  He woke super early on Sunday, had his big share of sugar, and the mass was a little longer than usual. We had to actually leave a little bit before it ended. How are your tricks to keep toddlers seated/quiet at the church? Please, give me them all!

Anyway, we didn’t go to any real egg hunt this time, which is a bummer because I love it, haha! But we prepared a little hunt for Dylan at home on Easter morning. This boy was super excited to find and open the little eggs and those little plastic eggs makes great toys. He played with it for a good part of the afternoon. We also had a basket for him with some chocolate, bubbles to take to the park, stickers books, and tiny cars. Needless to day, he had a blast.

Here are some pics if you’d like to see. Have a great week.


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