Potty Training Journey

It’s been one week since we started potty training. To tell you the truth, we were not planning on starting yet. I really thought my son wasn’t ready and maybe he wasn’t, but the ability of them realizing and learning things quickly is amazing. We had this dream that Dylan would be potty trained by the summer, but we didn’t know when we’d start. We had a potty that he refused to sit on and a few underwear that he like putting on his head as a hat. Yes, that was until the Sunday before.


Last week was his spring break and the weather was awful, so I think Dylan choose the right week to start. Thanks, D!! Last Monday morning I was organizing Dylan’s drawers in his room, that seems always to be a mess and I was actually putting away his underwear and he said he wanted to put it on. I told him he could as long as he took his diaper off. And that was basically it. Then it clicked for me! Once I take it off and I’m not letting him put back on! And that’s how I decided to do, “cold turkey.”

Let me say it didn’t go perfect, not even near that. We had so many accidents the first few hours, haha. So slowly I changed my technique and learned a bunch of things.

  • First, I let him be naked around the house. With this I basically knew when he was ready to pee and took him to the potty;
  • The potty was in the living room. Yes, I did that and it worked. I figured that if he could see, it would be easier for him to remember;
  • Bribery worked for us. I don’t really care what people say that you shouldn’t bribe your kid otherwise they will go potty only if they get chocolates and blah blah blah… that’s not true. I needed that for motivation! Once he learned how to listen to his body, it just becomes more natural to go potty.
  • I covered my couch and everything where he sits with towels, just in case.
  • Daniel Tiger goes potty (the episode and the book) are a HUGE help and brain wash, haha. It works!
  • I basically blocked my whole week for this, even though we started going out little by little on the third day. I think doing this is really important and when you go out, go to places they feel comfortable and safe to go potty.
  • Training underwear are pretty amazing, specially when you go out. I got these and we’re using those to go out! At home he uses the cheapest ones ever and if the accident is really bad (poop) it just goes to the trash.
  • I got a portable potty like this. It think it’s great for them to feel more secure when we’re out. He can go potty anywhere and I don’t have to go crazy looking for a public bathroom when we’re out. And to tell you the truth, I hate public bathrooms.


So here we are! It’s been a week and we’re better than I thought. Number 2 is still a struggle and I figured it would be this way. We’ll get there eventually. Now for number 1 we’re having almost no accidents, only when Dylan really doesn’t want to stop what he is doing to go pee. We remind him constantly without being too on top of him, giving him the space he needs to listen to his body too. On the second day he was going a few times all by himself, without me having to reminding him. At night we haven’t potty trained yet and we won’t. My rules so far is that to sleep and to ride on a plane, he should wear diapers. It’s just easier for everyone, including him.

My biggest tip, if you’re starting this new journey, is to have a lot of patience! If you feel frustrated, don’t show to your kid. Make it as much fun as you can in the beginning so they won’t be traumatized. And be super consistent! Kids need that.  The fist day I was trying to remind him every 15 minutes and giving plenty of liquids. Second day, 30 minutes… third day we went to 45-1hours.  After that I just remind him throughout the day normally, so he won’t forget. When we get to some place new, like yesterday we went to birthday party, I make sure to first show him where the bathroom is. I think all these little things helps.



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