David Bowie Subway Station

I just can’t help to feel how lucky we’re to be living in a city like New York. We’re exposed to so many different things, at the same time, on the same place, and it’s so amazing! We live in a small apartment, we don’t have a car or a backyard, and many things about living in NYC is so unusual and so cool. We try o experience a lot, but we can’t really make to every cool thing in this city. It’s impossible because it’s too much.

And you know one of the coolest things happening right now? It’s David Bowie!  Spotify turned a subway station into David Bowie station showing different things and phases about him. I can’t even start telling how cool is this! This little exhibition is on Broadway – Lafayette station in Manhattan and goes until May 13th. You just need to get into the station and walk around to see everything. This exhibition is to promote “David Bowie is” that is currently on Brooklyn Museum.

We didn’t make to the Brooklyn Museum, but we made to the subway station. My sister who lives in Brazil is visiting, so we went with her. Personally, I think more subway stations should be “decorated” something like this. It’s way more inviting and interesting.

Here are some pics if you’d like to see.


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