Poop in the city

As New York City disagreements go, some are legendary; Yankees or Mets?  Times or The Post?  Cats or Dogs? Sadly, there seems to be little flexibility across the sports or political spectrum, but there’s still hope for the “Best City Pet” debate.  It really comes down to the poop – and how to get rid of it.  Do you enjoy 2 a.m. walks in the snow, or do you enjoy sharing your studio apartment with a smelly box?  No good answer, right?

Sure, technology has improved; you can hire a dog walker on a moments notice, or get fifty pounds of cat litter air dropped to your door within the hour, but the fundamental problem remains — poop.  I love our cats, but I don’t love scooping poop.

What if I could tell you that I could make that stinky little problem go away?  No, you can keep your cat, and I’m not here to convince you to get a dog; however, I will try to convince you to get a Litter Robot.  The Litter Robot won’t walk your dog (yet), but for those with cats, I can promise you that the Litter Robot will change your life.


We’ve had our original Litter Robot since Jaspurr and Alice were kittens.  Behind my coffee machine, the Litter Robot may be my favorite appliance.  We use half as much litter and the box is always clean.  We empty the waste bag twice a week, add a bit of litter weekly, and give it a good clean every six month or so.  We recently had an opportunity to upgrade our Litter Robot to the new Open Air Connect, and a good thing got even better.


As with the original, the Open Air Connect uses the same standard clumping cat litter and standard waste bags, but includes several great design improvements. During the (now quieter) cleaning cycle, the globe no longer passes through the waste container, so the Litter Robot exterior is more sanitary.  The Open Air also adds a larger opening, a nightlight, a larger waste bin, improved litter containment, plus a more attractive color.  To be honest, I didn’t think that I needed an internet-connected litter box, but after a week, I’ll admit that it’s a great new feature, especially when we’re traveling

I love my cats regardless of the scooping, but the Litter Robot has improved our relationship; they always have a clean litter box and I don’t scoop.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

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