If you’re following my blog for awhile and/or my Instagram, you know we’ve been to Bermuda a few times now. This was actually our 5th year going to island for Memorial Day and I can safely say it’s our little tradition. For how long this “tradition” is going to last I don’t know, but I hope it last for a long time.

We’re actually pretty good at planning these travels! We plan so in advance, do so much research – much more my husband than I do – that when is time to travel, a lot of it is paid for already. We love planning, finding good deals, and being able to go to fun places. Bermuda is close, about 1h40 minutes from NYC. It doesn’t get better than that! You get to be at this amazing island, amazing beach in less than 2 hours. It takes us sometimes longer to get to the airport from Manhattan to JFK than to fly to Bermuda!

We’ve been staying at the Fairmont Southampton for the past four years and we like it a lot. It’s an easy hotel, kid friendly, have a good pool, and an amazing private beach. So what’s not to like? They also have pretty good restaurants. Bermuda has lots to do, but we go just for a few days and end up staying at the beach/pool the whole time. We usually do a lot on our trips, but this trip we take just to try to relax as much as we can with a toddler. So we don’t drag him around visiting places on this trip.

This year, Dylan had a blast! It was so much fun playing and seeing him enjoying the water. Bermuda is a place that lives in our heart and we’re already making plans to go back next year. Fingers crossed!! Here are some (A LOT OF) pics if you’d like to see:


My swimsuit is from J.Crew and Dylan’s is from Egg


Best DADA ever!


We went kayaking… and even though Dylan looks serious, he loved it. Me, on the other hand… one day I’ll tell my kayak story from years ago and why I’m kinda afraid, always haha.


After years, I wore a bikini and I felt very confident about it! This one is from Paul Smith


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