Liberty Science Center


This past weekend we had a little adventure that we’re not used to it. I say adventure because we are those people that don’t leave the city for the day, unless we’re going away on a trip. So for us to leave and go anywhere, it has to be good and worth it. And it was! We made our way to the Liberty Science Center, in New Jersey, and it’s ridiculous close to Manhattan and one of the most funs we ever had. The Science Center is a gigantic learning center for kids of all ages and Dylan couldn’t get enough of it. It makes me so happy to have the opportunity to take him to places like that and to have all this around us. And let me tell already sorry for so many photos, but we took so many!

We went there last Saturday and left early morning. We took the Path to NJ and it’s basically five minutes. Then we took the train, which was more 5 minutes and we were there. So easy! We got there around 9am and the first thing we checked out, besides a yummy brunch, was the Jack Horner’s Dino Dig. You literally dig for dinosaurs’ fossils in the sand. And, of course, sand + dinosaurs are the perfect combination for Dylan, haha.  The place is really cool, has an amazing view of Manhattan, and lots of volunteers that helps the kids to find the dinos and explain what dinosaur they’re looking at.




After playing a lot in the sand and eating some dinosaurs shaped cookies, we went o the check Arthur’s World exhibition. Dylan loves the cartoon, so that was a hit, especially the animation part where you can dance on a green screen and see yourself on TV. I cannot stop watching this video of Dylan dancing over and over. He thought was so funny seeing himself on TV. Arthur’s World has lots of play areas inspired by the cartoon and it’s super cute and perfect to play pretend.



Right next to it was Grossology and let me tell you, it’s gross but so much fun! Dylan, obviously, wanted to play the whole time with fart sound machine, but the whole thing is really cool. Kids can learn in a fun way the good, the bad, the disgusting of running noses, body odor, and other things about the human body. Plus, they get to play a lot as they are learning. Not a better way, right? It’s the way I like to learn too.



After that we walked around to check all the cool exhibits they have and play outside too. Dylan is a big fan of playgrounds, so I’m glad they also have an outdoor area. And the weather was just perfect. We signed up to go to the Planetarium for the showing at 11:50am and I was a bit anxious about it. I really wanted to go, but I was so afraid Dylan would have a little meltdown or something because he had played so much already. Also, I didn’t know if it would be super interesting for a toddler. And of course, I was so WRONG! I’m so glad I was wrong.


The Planetarium is amazing! It’s the 4th biggest in the planet and the largest and most technologically advanced in the Western Hemisphere. We watched To Worlds Beyond that tours the planets in our solar system. Since at home we’ve been talking about planets and have a puzzle that shows it, Dylan was a bit familiar with it. It was his first experience inside a movie theater and he was mesmerized by it. He kept pointing out to the things he knows and repeating the planets after he hear which one was. Not the quietest toddler around, but for sure one of the most interested! I’m so glad my husband and I got to experience that with Dylan.


The Liberty Science Center is so amazing and has so many things to do that I couldn’t recommend more. We love it and we’re looking forward to coming back pretty soon.

Thank you, Liberty Science Center and MomTrends for having us and for sponsoring this post.   


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