Back to School

Are you guys ready to get back to school yet? I feel like this Summer is flying by and we’re actually getting ready for a month of travels and also I want to get ready for the school year. We’ll come back from vacation like two days before school starts. So I’m getting ready now. This year, Dylan will be going to PreK every day of the week for a few hours. It’s not full time yet, but it feels like since I have to do so much. I’m excited though and he is beyond excited. I hope his love for school lasts forever, haha. Seriously!

Last week we were invited to a Back To School Bash event by MomTrends showcasing some amazing brands that will help any parent and kid to make this transition easier. Some of the brands like Tea Collection, Stonyfield are well  known in my house and part of daily basis, specially to prepare for school. Other, like Mabel Label’s, were knew to me and really needed!

One of the things that here in the US is so different than Brazil is uniform. In Brazil, if you don’t know, most of school have uniforms not matter if it’s private or public. Some schools have a full uniform and other just a t-shirt that the students have to wear in order to identify. I grew up using uniforms and even though as a kid I didn’t like it, today I almost think it’s easier because is basically one less thing to worry about. The kid have to wear uniform and that’s it! On the other hand, not using uniform makes us look for brands that are good quality and cute, so our kids can use for a long time. I have so many brands I love, but one dearest to my heart has been always Tea Collection. I love the prints, I love the quality, and basically more than half of Dylan’s wardrobe is from there. Dylan walked around the event wearing the an outfit from Tea Collection and I couldn’t have loved more.

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As said on posts before, Stonyfield is part of our daily basis breakfast and snacks, not just for Dylan but for me as well. We love their yogurts and its always hit. But I was so happy to learn that they have snack packs nows. It’s the perfect school snack and I’ll be definitely be packing those several times a week for Dylan. It’s the type of snack you don’t feel guilty and I know my boy will love it.


Mabel’s Labels says it all – labels, labels, labels. It’s a pain in the butt when you need to send so many things to school and needs to label everything. So I love that Mabel’s Labels has everything you need, including tags,  waterproof labels, shoes labels. Give me all of that… not just for school, but travels and to keep life, in general, organized!! If you want 10% off on your labels, use the code MOMTRENDS10. You can use on sales and get the extra 10% off. So hurry up!


Others amazing brands that were part of this bash were – Avery, Epson, Jarlsberg Cheese, Maniorpedi, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company, Snapper Rock, Vamousse. Thank you, MomTrends, for inviting us to see so many good brands that will help us to get back to school.


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