Say Cheeeeeese

Did anyone say cheese? This past weekend I had the chance to go to the Jarslberg Pop – Up store here in NYC and I have to say that I’m still thinking about those cheese plates. I’m actually a big fan of cheese and, as a good Brazilian; we love cheese (and cheese bread) and have lots at home. It’s part of our daily meals and I don’t even feel guilty about it. It’s healthy, right? If it’s not, don’t tell me.

When we have people over, cheese is always on the menu as well. I actually haven’t met a single person who really doesn’t like cheese. Have you? Anyway, Jarslberg has delicious cheeses, and they are having this amazing Pop Up at the delicious Sockerbit store on the West Village until October 7th. Last Saturday they had Marisa Mullen from That Cheese Plate (Do you follow here? If not, you totally should here) and she taught us how to make some cool cheese plates. Everything seems yummier when is put the right way on the dish. I’m actually dreaming about the cheese plates and cannot wait to make some over the holidays since we’ll be hosting this year.

They actually had an amazing beer pairing from ABC Beer Co. I confess that I always thought cheese would go only with wine, but with the right beer was delicious too. So it was a win win.

If you’re in NYC this week, stop at their Pop Up at the Sockerbit Candy store, located at 89 Christopher St., West Village, NYC 10014

It’s worth it and you also can get fun photos. Speaking of photos, here are some –



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