Wanting the best for your baby

It’s amazing how times goes by so fast. The days are long and the years are short, and I guess this saying makes so much sense once you have kids. The first year of motherhood for be was very tiring. Dylan was good baby, but with the normal fussiness that most of babies do. They don’t talk, so most of the time we have to guess what they want. They are discovering the world, and we’re there for them. They cry, and we try to comfort then. We’re there for the first crawl, first steps, first bites of food, first fall, first laughter, first trying everything. But by the end of the day what we, as parents, want most is our kids to be healthy and happy.


When Dylan was born he had jaundice and he had to be admitted to the hospital seven days after he was born. Although I know it’s a not an usual thing among many babies, I was so scared and freaked out a little bit. A combination of hormones going crazy, breastfeeding being extremely difficult (almost impossible) that first week, I thought already I was going to be the worse mom ever! He stayed in the hospital for a little less than 24hrs and somehow I figured out how to breastfeed perfectly, my hormones also “calmed down,” and things starting falling into place after that week.


After that crazy week, we took him to one of his appointment and his pediatrician recommended probiotics to him. Even though I had heard and I knew many people that used that, because my insecurity of first time mom, I question the doctor if there was anything wrong with my son and I question myself if I was doing anything wrong.

At the MomTrends and Parents Magazine event last Wednesday we learned a little bit more about Culturelle Baby Probiotics and it’s benefits. We also had an opportunity to choose a baby bag and fill up with some baby products, including Culturelle Probiotics. I’m not going to lie, this brought me some really sweet memories of my Dylan as baby.


Culturelle Probiotics is the #1 pediatrician recommended probiotic brand (based on a 2016 survey among pediatricians recommending a kids probiotic brand) and Here are a few things I learned about their new baby Probiotic –

  • Culturelle baby probiotics is a line of products created to help build a strong foundation for your baby’s healthy growth and development
  • Promotes the development of a healthy digestive and immune system
  • Combined with Vitamin D, an important nutrient for babies to help them build strong bones.
  • Helps reduce crying and fussiness due to occasional digestive upset
  • Calm and Comfort

(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease)



I decided to go for it and without any fear or question, I happily used probiotics until Dylan completed one year old and I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was actually doing what I thought it was the best for our son and to this day, my healthy and happy big boy still has his little dose of vitamins and probiotics daily.

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