Halloween in NYC

Finally sharing some pictures of our Halloween! We did Halloween (again) once we came back from California, because one of the playgrounds near us was having a parade and trick or treating around the neighborhood. We’ve been going to this little parede since Dylan turned one and it’s super cute and fun. It’s usually on the Sunday before Halloween. This year, even though it was fun, we were just super tired from our trip so we didn’t spend too much time there.

After that I had decided I would not go trick or treating on Halloween day. We had gone at Disney and at the park and it was enough for me. But apparently not, haha. I felt so bad on Halloween day that all the kids from Dylan’s school were going out and I decided to take him out. I confess it was super fun. We took the subway to Tribeca and walked back to our hood trick or treating all the day. Dylan had so much fun and he was so excited. Some places were even giving drinks to the parents and some restaurant was handing out slices of pizza… I can’t complain, I LOVE NYC! And here are some pics…

Btw, Dylan’s costume is a pijama from Hanna Andersson and I think it looks super cute. I offered to get a “real” costume and he refused… these are super comfy, cute, and he can keep wearing for a long time. So as long and he wants to wear these, I’m happy to buy!


Those are people giving booze for the parents! 
So cute Dylan and his best friend trick or treating


Pizza guy! 


He is done! So am I… see you next year, Halloween.

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