So it’s true, my Christmas decor have been up for a week now and I couldn’t love it more. I just get very anxious to put everything up and it’s so pretty that I don’t want to wait after Thanksgiving. I also grew up in Brazil where people do their Christmas decor super early! Don’t get me wrong, if you know me you know that I totally embraced the American culture, I love Thanksgiving and the meaning of it, but putting the Christmas decor up before is my thing.

Anyway,  we got out tree awhile ago at the Balsam Hill website. They make beautiful trees and it basically looks like the real ones minus the mess, my cats jumping around, and I’m freaking out about fires, watering the tree and all that. So I always knew I wanted a fake tree that looks real, especially if already comes with lights, like ours. Our ornaments are my favorite part too. We’ve been collecting since we got married and we’ve been buying it every time we travel somewhere or see something we like, so this year we got to put everything up for the first time. It’s magical!

I also have some fun decor around the house and some super cute Nativity Sets… my favorite is from Alessi. Their Nativity Set is so sweet and it always brings the biggest smile on my face every time I look at it. Overall, Christmas to us is a special time to be celebrated or as Dylan always says it’s “Jesus’ Birthday and where is the party?”

Here are some photos of all my favorite things:

This is the Alessi nativity! You can find at their website or on Amazon
This is another Nativity I absolutely love. It’s from Alexander Girard and I don’t think it’s made anymore, it’s really hard to find… maybe eBay now is the only place now.  


We go this sweet one in Alaska… it’s the igloo nativity set. 
Dylan loves this moose… so do I! We got somewhere in Stockholm 


Got in Barcelona the falous tio de natal.. google it, it’s funny!
He got to put the first ornament


From Disney, of course.. we got a few haha. 


Those beautiful glass balls are from my mother in law amazing collection. We’re so happy to have some on our tree now. It’s so pretty! 


We got this in Japan when I was pregnant.. we also wrote that and I can’t remember what it means, but I know something nice. Oops


The wood ornaments are all from Alaska


Those amazing stockings were made by my mother in law.  


I love those blocks by Uncle Goose (I love all their blocks.) These ones you can play with and make different trees and/or spell Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. You can find it here. 



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