Board Games

Now that Dylan is 3.4yo, we’re getting more and more into board games. Easy ones, of course, but fun ones. He still doesn’t understand all the rules and sometimes we modify a few for him, not for him to win, but for him to have a better understanding of the game. Before understanding all the rules and playing by all, I want him to understand that playing a game is a team effort in some games, we have to take turns, to be fair, not cheat, and there is always one winner. And if you don’t win this time, it’s fine.. we play again.

Anyway, I’m going to share here a few games we’re loving and a few other games that Santa might bring to him, haha. I also would love to know if your kid is into any board game these days and what’s their favorite.

1 – Feed The Woozle is a very cute game and Dylan LOVES it! It has many levels so you can change according to their age.


2 – CandyLand is a classic and so much easy. It’s easy for them to understand, take turns, and actually follow all the rules. Even though Dylan just want to jump candy to candy… because why not? And it’s really cheap on Amazon.


3 – Stormy Seas is actually one of my favorites! I buy for all the other kids I know when its their birthday (especially now that is on sale on here.) Hape games are so well done and so much fun to play, even when the kids don’t want to. My husband and I played before when Dylan was sleeping… but Dylan loves it too.



4 – This Pete the Cat is a very silly and weird game, but cute! Perfect for a 3yo who loves a little birthday party. So there you go, Dylan also loves it.


5 – I used to loooove Let’s Go Fishin’ when I was growing up. It’s so fun. Dylan still get a bit frustrated with this game, so we’re taking it slow.


6 – As I said, we love games from HAPE, especially because of the quality. I just bought this Dyanamo Dominoes game one to Dylan and it will be his Christmas present. I think he’ll love it and we’ll too.


7 – And last but not least, The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game! This will also be Dylan’s gift and we’re looking forward to playing with it. I’ve played before and it’s so much fun.


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