Winter Break Trip

As many of you know (thanks to Instagram) we just got back from Brazil. We spent our winter break there and even though we planned on spending the week at the pool, we spent the week dealing with a cold, sore throat, and believe or not, I got my cuticle infected or whatever somehow. Neither of those things was major or bad, thank goodness, but we were just bothered by it. I, honestly, couldn’t wait to be back home to normal routine. I got a little bit sicker than Dylan, so I won’t complain. Me before him, always. With that said, there are a few things I always do and take with me when we’re traveling. Things that makes me me feel like we’re going to be healthy regardless how many people are coughing and sick in the airplane seating next to us!


First of, airplanes are super dirty! And while I’m not a crazy person cleaning everything, I wipe major things when we get in like seatbelts, arm rest, trays (front and back). This time a crew member saw me doing and said something “good thing you’re doing that, these things are never clean.” I don’t necessarily use hand sanitizer wipes, just whatever I have and it’s always Babyganics wipes, which I basically use for everything in life.

Another thing I do all the time is to take with me some Occilococcinum. Now don’t judge me, I know some people don’t believe in these things and I really don’t know if it works, but it’s some of those things that we take and it never hurts. As soon as I see a nose running, I take it and I give to Dylan. So far so good! It works for us. Besides that, for me I use nor Airborne as well. For Dylan this time I choose to give him some Vitamin C gummies too. I never did before, but even though he had a cold, he was feeling fine and super strong the whole time. No complaints at all!


Anyway, those are the things I always have with me (besides some basic medicine just in case.) What about you? Any precaution you take when you go away? Xx

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