Travel Toys

I always say that traveling with kids is definitely not a relaxing vacation, but is worth anyway. We traveled quite a bit with D and we’re always planning the next vacation, even if it’s like a year from now. Some of trips we made were easier than others, and I think it’s just the way it goes.  One tip I always give to everyone that will travel with kids is to keep your expectations low. Don’t expect everything to go as planned, don’t expect everything perfect, don’t plan too much, and most of all is to respect the kids limits. Traveling can be really tiring for them, but if we respect their limits it becomes easier for everyone.

Another thing is to be prepared not just with food, but with some sort of entertainment especially for the hotel. Spending some time in a hotel room can be extremely boring to them, so having little things that’s easy to carry makes it better. Obviously this counts for the airplane too. I confess that I hate carrying a bunch of toys in the airplane with us and I let Dylan plays with the iPad basically for as long as he wants when we’re flying, but
I also knows he likes activity books and things like that, so I usually pack one or two with us.

I do carry some other little things for the hotel or whatever we need and it helps a whole lot. So here are a few of my suggestions for airplane and/or your destination.

1 – Mudpuppy activity pack to go. I actually just bought this for Dylan and I’m waiting to give to him on our next trip which is pretty soon. The box is super compact and it has different themes. I basically love everything from this brand.


2 – Djeco magnetic portrait. We have this one and it’s super fun and compact. Dylan really loved playing with this.


3 – Puzzle to go! Those are easy to carry anywhere and puzzles are always super fun. They have different themes and I kinda like to go with the travel theme when we go away.


4 – Speaking of game, there are games to go and entertaining to everyone. So if you have more than one kid, this is perfect.


5 – Melissa & Doug puffy stickers. I really like these because it’s compact and reusable. Dylan loves it.

6 – Also from Djeco, but animal stickers. Those are tricky and super fun, we have and love it.


7 – I’m yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like to play with Plus Plus little blocks. Lots of people take those in the airplane, but I’m just crazy that everything will get lost and it will be a pain.. but it’s perfect to have in a hotel or somewhere like that. Super compact and easy to pack. That’s always my main goal!


8 – Now this two books   I just added on my amazon cart and I’m buying. I heard a lot of people saying their kids love these. So if you travel and a curious kid, I think this would be great.



What are your suggestions for traveling? Do you take stuff like that with you? I’d love to know. If you want to see a few more of my suggestions, click here to see the rest of my list on Amazon (Aff links.) Xx

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