Bermuda 2019

So we’re back from another trip to Bermuda. I think this is 5th year we’re going there and it’s always so much fun. Bermuda is close (less than 2hrs flight from JFK) and is our happy place. We don’t do anything big when we go and instead we just stay at the beach for three or four days. We don’t do any tourism around the island because we’ve done that before and now we’re just lazy. Don’t get me wrong, we love visiting places, but when we go to Bermuda we go to “relax” and stay the beach, Dylan can play, we can have our margarita, we all have french fries and ice cream every day, so is pretty much perfect. Also, 3-4 days is enough!

We stayed at Fairmont Southampton, like the years before and while is not super fancy or anything, is very family friendly. It always has its private beach which is AMAZING and a few really good restaurants. Anyways, here’s some pics if you’d like to see:




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