NYC Toys

To live in NYC and raise my kid here has always been a dream and I cannot complain. We’re happy here today and don’t if or when we’ll leave. I feel like everyone leave the city at some point in their life, but we don’t know what the future holds for us. To be honest, we don’t have plans of leaving the city now or in the near future. We might not have a big apartment or a backyard, but we don’t miss any of those things too… I know it’s nice, but having this hole city as a playground is also priceless. NYC has a crazy amount of playgrounds everywhere, parks, everything basically walking or in Dylan’s case, scooting distance.


One of the cool thing that even if you don’t live here is that you can still can have  fun things about the city for kids like books, cool t-shirts, puzzles, etc. I made a list of stuff that is good quality, cute, and all NYC themed! Let me know if you have anything to add on.

For t-shirts, Piccoliny has been always my favorite. I’ve been basically been getting their tees for D since he was six months old. I just love it! They also have bibs, body for babies, hats for everyone, and a bunch of other stuff. There’s a store located in Little Italy, a few boutiques that sells their item, but they sell online and ship everywhere:



NYC floor puzzle 


Map of NYC


Placemat from Modern – Twist  – those are silicon and easy to clean. Also, kids can draw on it and you can just wipe it off. Dylan has been using the same for for two years. You can find it here.



This is New York 


A Walk In New York


Pop-Up New York 


Good Night New York City


Books are probably my favorite, so for more click here.

There are some fun toys too… for babies and for big kids. For babies I like the ones made by Estella organic rattles and blankets like the apple, yellow cab or subway car below. It’s perfect for a nice gift along with a book:



For big kids, Daron makes some really cool toys like the FDNY truck or NYPD car, subway cars, MTA bus, yellow cab, sanitation truck…



There’re tons of stuff when it comes to NYC, but I kinda tried narrow down to things we have now and/or had in the past, so it’s all we like. I did make a list with other stuff on Amazon here if you’d like to see. Also, what are your NYC find for kiddos? Xx


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