Halloween Books for kids

Long time no see, right? The truth is that lately I’m not feeling super motivated to write on the blog as often. Summer was so crazy and busy, then suddenly school started and you know… it’s a bunch of excuses I could write all day long. So I’ll stop and go back to business, which is Halloween books! Yes, we’re early, I know. But Dylan is very into “spooky,” we got a few books and since the books are super super cute, I decided to share here too (already did on my instagram)



The Scariest Book Ever –  Such a cute book about a gosht who is vert scared and ask the reader’s help to go through the book.


The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid Of Anything   –  A classic book, with funny sounds, and perfect to get into the halloween season. Dylan loves reading this book.


How To Make Friends With a Gosht –  This is about friendship, so is pretty much perfect for the beginning of school year + halloween season


Stumpkin – This sweet pumpkin (probably in nyc) is sad because nobody will buy her.


Bonaparte Falls Apart –  Also funny and about friendship at school.


Duck And Goose Find a Pumpkin –  A classic for all ages. Dylan has always loved this collection and have this books for a couple of years now. Still loves it.


One Reply to “Halloween Books for kids”

  1. Check out “Black and Bittern Was Night”. It’s written in comprehensible nonsense-speak and is jsut awesome. Trust. It’s our favorite. And by “our” I mean “my”.

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