Advent Calendar (is it Christmas yet?)

I know a lot of people will kinda hate me for that, but is it Christmas yet? I know we just started Halloween season, and I love Halloween, but I do love Christmas way way more. So bear with me… I grew up in Brazil and moved to the US when I was an adult (like 14 years ago, so I’m old) and there we don’t really celebrate Halloween and definitely not Thanksgiving (which I do celebrate now and love.) But people there do decorate earlier, usually some time in November.

Christmas decoration is a lot and I have a lot of stuff in storage. Our storage is a few blocks from our apt, it’s a lot trouble and few trips back and forth. Sooooo I want to make worth, and that’s one more reason I always convince my husband to decorate mid November.  The house just looks cozier and if you don’t agree with me I need to hear a better argument. 🙂

But anyway,  I wanted to talk about Advent Calendars for kids actually. Do you make one? Do you buy one? Do you even care? Last year I wanted the lego one and it got sold out and I didn’t get my way around finding another one. Ended up buying the chocolate one at Trader Joes for $1.99 and it was hit here. This year I’m also buying that one, but I already bought the Lego one and I hope I don’t see any more I really like because I might buy it. I made a list with a few if you want to get your hands on one before December and be ready for the countdown (I already have list of fun books too that I’ll put out for Dylan after Halloween…)

First one – obviously the Lego one. They have four different ones: City, Star Wars, Friends, and Harry Potter. It’s all really cool and we choose the Star Wars.


Second one is by Melissa & Doug. I love this one. It’s so simple, cute, and you get to decorate this tree. Is truly a countdown.


This one by Crayola is pretty cool and creative too. Every day you get a different thing for you little artsy kid. And I love that is full of activities.


Hot Wheels also make one. And this one I did not show this to Dylan. I cannot stand hot wheels, but he loves it haha. So I’m just showing to you guys in case someone loves it.


Fisher-Price Little People has a really sweet calendar. I think this one is perfect for young kids.  Dylan used to looooove Little People and still have a bunch of animals from there. I love this advent calendar. They also a Nativity Set I adore.


Another Advent Calendar I really want to share is by Mirus Toys. Mirus is an educational toy shop on Etsy and I feel like it deserves one post later just with the amazing toys the owner creates. The calendar couldn’t be different, is beautiful. Here is the link for the calendar  and here is the link for the Mirus Toys shop.


And last but not least, a chocolate calendar. While I’ll definitely buy the cheap Trader Joe’s calendar for like $2, you can go fancier if you think you’ll probably end up eating your kid’s chocolate and get a Lindt calendar.


I hope you like it!


*all the amazon links are affiliate links.  

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